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Fished Tues Wed and Thurs . Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit slow but did ok on 1/8 scupin jig with orange head (we call this the money jig) thurs was great friend Gary (from blue haven) and i boated several trout up to 19'' lots of fish in the 15 to 17 range nothing under 12 had an 18'' and a 19 '' small mouth best day i've had on taney in some time. A few side notes Tuesday morning I walked down to the dock only to discover that several OTTERS had chewed the bucket seats in my new RANGER to shredds and pretty much left a big mess. another thing i have seen twice this week there is a guide and i wont mention names making a living right now anchoring just past the cable at the dam and casting up stream with clients in the boat what a clown i would hate to think i was a guide and had to fish restricted water to put fish in the boat

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gotta love river otters....

It may not be a civic right to tell us, but IMO i think you should let MDC know of the infractions of fishing upstream from the cable.

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That's the problem when people hire guides to catch fish, not to LEARN HOW to catch fish! Too many people judge success by numbers and pounds, not experiences.

Real men go propless!

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