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Fishing Report 09-24-09

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Level 868 and rising

temp 73

Sorry this is gonna be a little short but I have another trip in the morning and saturday and am running way behind.

Walleye are moving up on points on the main lake and up the rivers. Use rattletraps and crankbaits for the best bite. Keep the bait between 8-15 foot, but some of these fish will move shallower during cloudy days or early/late.

Bass have been biting crankbaits, baby 1-, and bandit 100 and 200's the best. Haven't got into a good spinnerbait bite yet, but it's any day now. Lots of shad in shallow water and the bass are starting to feed as the water continues to cool. It was only 73 today on the main lake. Top water bite is crazy good (is that a word) in the mornings. I'm hoping I don't oversleep and get on them early tomorrow. Pop r's and chug bugs seem to work best. don't know why the spook bite doesn't work, maybe it's spooking them. I don't know but I can't get them to bite it.

Crappie have moved to brush piles in 12-14 foot of water or around steeper banks. jigs and road runners work the best, but the minnow bite is always there.

Catfish are still excellent on flats up around the 39 bridge on sons creek. and up the sac river arm.

Sorry bout the condensed version, but got to get to bed.

Good luck to all and give me a call if your out there and need anything. 417-208-9535.

Bob Bennett
Stockton Lake Guide Service

"Our Service is Crappie"
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