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Fishing Report Sept.21-27

David Crandall

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Here is my fishing report from my trip.Sorry for the delay,no computer at my friends house in Missouri.

Sept.21- 2 Smallmouth 20 white bass.We fished Indian Point area near the dam.Caught my 1st smallmouth on A jig.Nice 3lber.Fished from 3-6pm,chased off water by bad storm.

Sept.22-20 bass A mixture of largemouth and spots.Had 5 keepers in the 3-3 1/2 lb.range.Fished Cape Fair.Caught fish on carolina rigs and by fishing small worms on jigheads.

Sept.23-26 bass again A mixed bag at Cape Fair.We had 5 keepers including A nice 5lber. I caught fishing A carolina rig.We also caught fish on spinnerbaits and small worms on jigheads.

Sept.24-Stockton Lake-Report posted in Stockton Lake section.

Sept.25-Indian Point-4 bass 2 keepers,all smallmouth.Fished shakeyhead and A grub.Did not see any white bass.Only fished from 3-6pm as we slept in from our trip to Stockton.We spent A long time at the carwash clening A very dirty boat.

Sept.26-Cape Fair-30bass,2 keepers both Spots.Many small fish.Caught fish on everything in the tacklebox including topwater,spinnerbait,worms,dropshot and crankbaits.Very windy from midday on.

Sept.27-Joe Bald-21 bass,3 keepers and 1 short walleye.Mainly fished in the White River.Caught fish on small worms,dropshot,and A couple on grubs.Windy again today.Tons of pleasure boaters and jet ski's.Very warm today.Felt like I was back in Florida.

Sept-28-On my way back to Florida.Greatly enjoyed my 1st trip to Missouri.Caught lots of fish on many different lures.Catching keepers was A little tough this week.Talked to other anglers and sounds like we were not the only ones having this problem.Most of our fish were in 20-30ft. of water.I don't even have water that deep here in Florida.

Was happy to get A 5lb. Largemouth :D and to catch some Smallmouth.

Very good lakes and I plan to return again.

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Thank you for the report. Come back soon and often. TR is never the same.

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