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The Wind and sun made for hard fishing but we did find a pattern. most fish sat around 50ft off the bank in 5-10 ft of water when they were feeding, close to weeds. If you can find a spot where the wind is hitting the bank directly you should have a fish sitting in that cover waiting to strike softplastics, spooks and crankbaits. fish fast and make sure to hit every type of cover from every direction . I found also that on occasion casting into the weeds didnt produce as well as just off the weeds.. try casting and landing just outside the cover and bring it past , casting down the bank always in the strike zone yields far better results than casting at the bank across the strike zone.cast upwind when possible to maintain the most realistic presentation,fish face the current and flow of food so try to keep it as real as possible. As always prismatics or chrome on sunny days and darker more natural colors on cloudy days . sorry for the lack of posts been real busy the past couple of weeks , any questions , responses , or additions to this post are more than welcome. ...


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