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Weather Looks Pretty Ugly For Tomorrow...

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Weather looks pretty ugly for tomorrow...


That's 3 snowfalls in less than a week....

Ice fishing anyone???



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UUUUHHH Yeah! When I saw that map I swear I could hear a lone wolf cry followed by the sound of a lonesome loon’s soft echo in the distance. And for a moment there I felt home sick as my heart wept from fawn memories of days long ago gone by. Then I shivered so violently my spine almost snapped and reached down to feel if I still had my testicles! Thank God I moved away from there! LOL I don’t fall for that any more! LOL

Sure I miss the fishing but the rest I can live without. I lived there for 20 years so you know what I’m talking about. You people are crazy. You can have your bitter cold and your little snow flakes. Besides all ice fishermen are just mentally ill people who haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor yet! LOL DON’T TRY AND DENY IT! LOL It’s true! So true! They’ve got a fever! And the only cure is more cow bell! LOL

But I got away. Sure I live in a crappie less hell! But I do it without a shirt on darn it! LOL Also I’ve never had to say to my neighbor, “see ya in the spring if you make it.” And another thing, if you see that punk that stole my gloves and snow blower that time I was stuck in that snow bank tell him I haven’t forgot about it! I know he sold them for crack! LOL those were Eskimo gloves too! SSSHHIII* I darn near had to kill that Eskimo to get them! LOL But I know your gonna say well I love it here. STOP EATING THE SNOW! Give your brain a chance to thaw! In the spring go out side and walk towards the sun! When you get here you can stay with me and I’ll take you around and show you what paradise is really supposed to look like! In the mean time don’t be sticking your tongue to anything metal. LOL


The one that got away

Tell a thousand funny jokes and no one remembers!

Tell one bad one and no one forgets!

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