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Blind Hog


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Old blind hog finds an acorn. My walleye drought is finally over. Caught a 21 incher yesterday. Caught a 15 and 9 inchers today. Hot diggity dog!!

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What did you get'em on?

night crawler and bottom bouncer.

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In late October in past years I've often had some good walleye trips on upper B.S. I haven't tried it yet this year, as it seems like every day I've planned to go it's been cold and raining.

I like to fish that straight stretch from Barker Hole down to the corner below it. There are boulders on the bottom and the deepest channel in there is only about 17' deep, or a little more right now. I put my trolling motor on "2" (less than 2 mph) and slow troll a Roadrunner tipped with half a nightcrawler, near the bottom.

Walleyes 'scope real well in there. The scope will show a couple of big fish on the bottom here and there, usually beside a boulder - then when the lure gets there you'll get that good ol' mushy walleye strike and have one on. Fun.

I don't know why some walleyes come back up to Barker in the fall, but they do. That's where they'll be spawning about February, and I guess instinct brings them up early sometimes. Most of the ones I've caught there in the fall are a little undersize, but about 1/3 have been keepers.

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