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New Helios Fly Rod Series

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Hey fly rod experts.

I posted this elsewhere but not in right topic so here goes.

I am considering purchasing the new orvis Helios 4 wgt 9 ft fly rod but am not sure what flex I want.

Can anyone explain the flex index to me. My other Orvis 5 wgt 9ft rod is a 7.5 flex index. I fish mostly nymps, midges, jigs etc but am interested in all around rod and want to get in to drys since lots of times I am hitting the water and seeing lots of top action and not getting any response to midges fishing them shallow.

When it comes to some of these specs I am like a hog looking at a watch.


Thom Harvengt

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From what I understand that if you had a 5 on the flex index it would be a true mid flex. So a 7.5 would be a little faster rod than say the 5 flex on the index scale. Anything lower that 5 would be even slower than the 5 flex. Hope this makes a bit of sense....Dano

Glass Has Class

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