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Bamboo For Crappie


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Any body know where I can get some bamboo down here around the Holiday Island Area? Here its the best for crappie holes. Hooks dont hang up so bad & last a longer than trees. Whats up with the slabs? seems like the last couple years have been really hard getting fish over 10".

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Last couple of years:

Bull Shoals = slabs; Stockton, Pomme de Terre = good keepers; Tablerock = dinks.

That'll change around in time, it's a cycle.

Oh, and about the bamboo - if you can find a construction site and get free scraps, PVC is a lot better. Hooks won't hang on it at all, it lasts forever, it doesn't show up on most scopes, and bases are on the market for building "crappie trees" out of it.

There's been some discussion here about the legality of dropping stuff in the lake to make crappie holes, so that's something to keep in mind.

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