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Bull Shoals Dam Area


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Drove down to the town of Bull Shoals at the dam today and drove to the lake all around the area. No ice to be seen anywhere down there. I talked to a few locals that said the lake didn't freeze at all in the past few weeks. Right now the current level of the lake looks really good to me and I didn't see a single boat out there. Might be worth the drive for some undisturbed ice free water.


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We fished that area yesterday, caught 9 spotted bass the largest was 14". Deep crankbaits. Yellow perch colored. Saw a lot of other boats, over 10. The spots were about half way back in the coves. marked a lot of fish in 50-60 feet of water off main lake points. Several Bald eagles in the area. Water temp was 45F. Fishied from noon to about 4:00pm.


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