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Weekend Of Fishing


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Finally a break in the weather and brother Deadrift and I headed down to Taney for some good ole winter trout fishing. Fished all 3 days from top of Lookout to Fall Creek. Lots of things worked from mini white jigs to Little Jakes in chrome and Gold. 95% of the time was spent with Fly rods.Tried alot of combos but the number 1 combination hands down was a red sanwaun worm #14 with a grey or tan #14 scud.Many fish to hand with the scud getting the lions share of hookups.No browns were caught all three days. Average sizes were 13' to 16' with many above that and 4 over 18".Also caught two limits for the frying pan below Fall Creek.Went fishing Saturday night around 8pm. Fished for about 2 hours. Best luck was by the cable throwing white wooly bugers and large tan scuds.Saw only 2 other people out. Thought it was Leonard but after yelling at them we agreed we didn't smell cigar smoke or pickled coffee. :rolleyes: Just a warning how it can happen so fast. At the bottom of lookout is a log and with 3 generators going we still didn't clear it with the motor down. I ended up in the 43 degree water before I even knew what happen.Very lucky to get back in the boat and in dry clothes quickly. Be careful out there !!Thanks to Lilleys Landing for selection of flies and boat stall.

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Thanks for the report perch. I'm probably going down there next week. I'm not a long rod guy, but I do like the area from Lookout to Fall Creek. My son and I did great there last October. Drifting that stretch with 1/8 oz white jigs & #8 gray scuds on a drift rig. I'm sure I'll hit it again before going below Fall Creek for some skillet fish.

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