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I fished over at the Ozark Park today just for a few hours, managed to squeeze in some "angling" between chores. Not much to report, a couple of chunky little fish on a suspending jerk near timber. Saw some gigged and left dead suckers, more of them cleaned and left in a pile by the boat ramp. Here's a tip, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Whether it's old line, trash, or cleaned fish, dispose of them properly. Seriously, an eyesore right where everyone parks to walk the trail at the park.

I saw a little johnboat with two guys, a dog, two minnow buckets, and God know what else in it fishing over there. They didn't look like they'd caught anything but a buzz.

Anyway, good to get out, despite some small issues.

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I needed a Finley River report. Thanks. Bow hunting is now over and I am switching my gears back to angling. Tried Taneycomo on Saturday morning, but with two units open, the flow was just a tad too much for me and the fly rod. Plus, the ole waders were a little tight after the holidays. All in all, I agree with you guys, just good to get out of the house.

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