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Sho Me Crappie Results 1/24


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2010_0124one0008.jpgThanks to all who fished, and to Lilley from ozark anglers for the hats and Jr oldham for the rod. Fish were caught in deep water following shad. Here are the results,

1st Place: J.R. Oldham and Gary Turner

7 Fish Total Weight: 6.64 LBS

2nd place : DeWayne Baker and Brad Clay:

7 Fish Total Weight: 5.54 LBS

Big Fish: J R Oldham and Gary Turner


Next tourney is feb.14th. Had 2 new faces lets keep it growing. Good news for the summer series,

Outlaw Walleye and Crappie rods (JR OLDHAM) has promised 12 rods, Lakeys Bait and fuel has promised a $10 gift card for bait per tourney And Ed (CRAPPIE.COM) has promised hats, t-shirts and scent for all tourneys).

Just want to send a special thanks to all of them for helping out. Should be a great 2nd season.


Vince Maguire

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