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Fishing Report 1-27-10

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Beaver Dam has been generating almost around the clock. Wade fishing is not possible. High water techniques are recommended. San juan worms, soft hackles, and midges deep under an indicator are catching fish. Weighted flies or adding split shot is necessary to get you into the feeding zones. Sink tip lines with streamer flies such as Zonkers, Bead head wollie boogers, and Arkansas Bead heads will give you a different presentation and cause those holding fish to feed. Pound the banks and the channels. Look for structures(root wads, rocks, etc) and fish in ront and behind these. Fish will use these to keep from struggling against the current. Also boat safety is priority number one. Keep PFD's close at hand and always be weary of whats down stream.

Zack Hoyt

OAF Contributor

Flies, Lies, and Other Diversions

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Went down Wed below the dam to just play a little off bank. Me & the only other angler there both caught & released a walley under 18". If the males are up this far than the females shold be around Holiday Island, Beaver Town & maybe even Houseman. Walleye are on the move. Just need some good weather so we can get to moving too.

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