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Define A Few Terms

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I've been fishing all my life, but only recently have I started using a boat instead of shore fishing...so I have a few terms that I am a little confused about. I keep reading about main/secondary lake points. Could someone explain what exactly those are and maybe provide an example of each on a map or something...I'm a visual learner. Thanks guys.

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Guest csfishinfool

The terms Main Lake Point and Secondary Point are refering to where they are located on the lake. Main lake points will be on the main channel or the main part of a creek arm. The term secondary points are refering to points back in coves or bays.

The picture below shows two main lake points at Lake of the Ozarks and three Secondary points

Main Lake points are marked with a green dot

Secondary points are marked with red dots


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I agree with the above post shown in the picture. I think the confusion with this term arose when some well-meaning guys tried to define the term differently. Their definition of a secondary point was another breakline on a given point which created an additional flat and drop-off on the that same point regardless of the point's locastion on the main lake or in a cove. Maybe I confused the questioner more. Let's stick to our interpretation of mnain lake versus coves. It's easier.

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