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I Have A Favor To Ask.......


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I have been tasked with securing various donations(aka begging people for cool stuff) for our upcoming Ducks Unlimited Banquet to be held in Washington, MO on March 6. My daddy taught me that it never hurts to ask, so I am asking. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to donate a guided fishing trip or carving or anything else that someone would want to bid on, in return for a little tax write off? To give you an idea of things I've come up with so far, I've got a hand-carved duck decoy that has been donated by the carver, I've got a taxidermist that is donating a duck mount, I've got a duck club owner that is donating a hunt for 2 youths next fall, just general stuff like that. On the business side of things, some people use stuff like this to get their name out there. For instance, a fishing guide donates a half day or full day trip and often times, the guy that purchases it isn't exactly down on his luck financially. In the end, the winner of the trip figures that if he is gonna drive to a fishing a trip, he might as well pick up another day. And the guide, being as skilled as he is, puts them on great fishing and word of his amazing fishing prowess spreads, resulting in more business. With this dinner being closer to st louis, alot of these guys are the types that would hire a guide anyways if they were coming all the way down near branson, this just gets your name as the go-to guy. As far as taxidermy or lodging or anything else, same rules apply. Who's gonna come down to branson and stay for one night? Who's gonna get just one fish or duck or deer mounted?

Sooooo........hopefully I was able to spin this whole thing well enough that someone will take pity and help me out. If not, no big deal guys. I certainly do appreciate the help either way.

Sorry for the shameless begging!

Chris aka Yeehaw

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