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Upper Meremac, Southern Crawford County


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Father's Day morning I played hookey from church and hit the far upper Meremac at daylight. Things were pretty slow until I tied on a Muddler Minnow, then they picked up considerably. I caught between 10-15 smallies, nothing large. Biggest was 12 inches. I fished the muddler just under the surface on short strips and takes were light. I had to pay attention to my line/leader knot or I missed strikes.....and I missed several. Most were taken just off a long weed bed where the water deepened quickly and the bottom was covered with basketball size and larger rock. Current was moderate. Smallies were all taken beneath the surface and a few longear were caught on top. I caught the biggest redear I've ever seen come out of a creek, probably the most fun fish of the morning. About 9:30 the bite slowed to almost a stop. I stayed at it until about 10:30 and was home by 11:00 AM. Nothing spectacular but a very pleasant morning on the creek. I saw one other fisherman and he was leaving, having caught nothing on his spin rig.

I'd rather live my entire life, living as if there is a God and Jesus and to find out at the end that there isn't, than to live my entire life as if there is no God and Jesus and to find out at the end that there is.

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