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Anglers In Action Championship Tourney Payout


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Anglers in Action championship team members at LOZ on Oct. 16 - 17 need to read. The payout listed on the mailings sent to each qualifying team stated that AiA would payout 1 for every 5 boats entered. Guess what? They only paid out 25 places. Should have paid out 36 or 37 places. Whether this affected you or not, it might the next tourney. It did affect a dozen or so of your fellow anglers. THEY DID NOT RECEIVE THEIR PRIZE MONEY! Get on the phone or e-mail AiA and let them know------right is right. They expect us to follow the rules, shouldn't they adhere to the same standard of integrity? CONTACT THEM.

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Your dead on. Very misleading.

Direct quote - AIA Championship Qualification Letter:


Your team has qualified for the 2010 Anglers in Action Championship sponsored by Triton Boats and Pro’s Choice Marine. 1st place will win a 2010 Triton TR19 with a 200 Mercury Pro XS, 2nd place $20,000 and 3rd place $10,000. Pay back to the field will be 90% with one place for every 5 teams entered.

Direct quote from AIA Internet Championship Flyer:

Payout of 25 places listed. Above it stated:

Top 3 payouts below are guaranteed regardless of the number of entries. The remaining places are based on 150 boats and will be increased or decreased accordingly.

PAYBACK: Top 3 places guaranteed 90% payback and 1 place paid for every five entries after that.

PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY. Places should have been paid based on 184 votes.AIALetter.pdf

Neither the letter nor the flyer mention only 25 boats will be paid. I have copies of both. If they say something different than the rules, shame on AIA.

I do not feel this situation was intentional, but it is not right.

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Wow! I just stumbled onto this thread. I sat out this year and was seriously considering fishing that circuit next year. I wonder if anyone has gotten to the bottom of this yet. I'm thinking there must have been something in the rules that allowed for this. It's a bit hard to swallow that AIA would do something this obvious. I hope that someone affected or a OAF member can post here what the final determination turned out to be.

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