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Fishing Report

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First off, I love writing these fishing reports because it kills some time at the office.

So my buddy chris and I both got off at five p.m. on thursday, and we thought what better way to spend the last few hours of sunlight than going to our favorite stream. So we packed up our rods, vests, wading shoes, and the necessary twelve pack and made the 40 minute drive to "the spot". We got into the water at our opening hole and I immediately hooked into a dink largemouth, which was alright to me because there aren't that many in this stream. I started out throwing a watermelon chomper on a 1/8 oz. standup jighead and Chris was throwing a shad rap. Chris has been having some trouble with his reel lately and ended up only catching 1 12" smallie out of this hole, but for me it was a different story. Second cast I hooked into a really nice smallmouth and it fought like a champ and did a few tail dances across the water and ended up going 14". I kept switching between a pumpkinseed tube, a yum crawbug, and the chomper and ended up catching 8 fish out of this hole. It seemed like the trick was switching baits often, so I took the hint and did it for the rest of the day.

We started heading down stream where there is dead water for about 150 yards, but then you get into the "money spots" as we call them. He was still dealing with his reel while I fished my way through the dead water catching a couple dinks. We got to a hole that is no bigger than a silverado and is lined with weeds. I had a yum crawbug on and made a long cast into this hole where there are always some nice fish. I let the lure sink, but within seconds my line took off to the right and into the weeds. I set the hook and knew it was a really nice fish. It took off into the weeds and it looked like I was going to lose him in there because I fish with 6 lb. test. I muscled him out of the weeds and then we saw him, an absolute beast for this small creek. I jumped down into the water with him and lipped him and hoisted him up for chris to see. His exact words were, "are you mounting that hog". Anyways, I reached for my disposable camera in my vest but wouldn't you know it I left it in the truck. It took a lot for me not to take this beauty and put him on my wall but I released him after getting the 18" measurement. I've fished this stream my whole life because it runs through my property so I like to preserve the fishing, although it would be nice to have 1 fish out of here on the hunting cabin's wall.

We continued on downstream, me still beating myself up over not having my camera, and chris pissed off at his disfunctional reel and I caught a few more nice fish on the way to a few good holes. We jumped three deer in a matter of about 10 minutes and then we came upon one of our hunting fields and there were at least 20 standing in the middle of it feeeding, including 2 nice bucks in full velvet. We had 3 more nice holes to fish and this had already been a trip to remember for me. Chris then stumbled across a soft shell turtle and an alligator snapper within 10 yards of eachother, so we had to play with them a little bit. The alligator snapper chomped right through a stick we put in front of his face, glad it wasn't a finger. So we got to another hole that always produces and I caught 3 smallies all around 15" and chris landed a nice 16". We moved down to the final hole right at dusk and I threw out some topwater poppers and caught 3 more hardfighting fish that all went around 15" again. This was the best day I've ever had on this creek as far as size goes and I don't know how many times I've fished it. Chris had 11 smallies and I ended up with about 25, 8 of them over 14" including a fat 16" and that 18" hog.

No better way to end this trip than walking back to the truck with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other.

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"No better way to end this trip than walking back to the truck with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other."

That last line will really start some people into a tizzy! Heaven forbid you wish to enjoy a cigar in the wide open spaces of nature.

Sounds like you had a nice afternoon!

You are so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.

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amen on the end of the day,... and maybe the twelve pack had something to do with the sizes you were catching, you know everything is bigger after you have a couple! :P lmao!!

I didn't go to college,... I was too busy learning stuff. --Ted Nugent

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I believe you, wish you would tell the streams name.All of them round here are gettin shallow and warm.I love to catch small mouth in streams, and I have caught nice ones and gave them all back to fight again as they say.I also like a good cigar after and or before a fish trip , usually sitting in my boat at kdock waiting for the fog to rise and praying to the Lord for a good and safe day.

[ [

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