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Report 15-16 And 25-27


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Ill start with last weekend, the park was all booked up so two buddies and I camped at eagles park for the first time. The place is not bad it actually had a good number of people camping there that weekend. We knew it was going to be a crowded day on that water and so we got up sat morning around 430 and had coffee and messed around parked in the park loop four parking lot at around 5:45 and were in the water by 6. It was still very dark out and was for sometime. We decided to take the water down to first set of boulds rather than walking up on the high bank. the fog was thick and we could all feel trout hitting our boots and ripping at the laces as we walked down. . Very weird to experiance that for the first time kinda spooky. we sat on the gravel bar untill it was light enough to start fishing...we statred off nymphin with some caddis larva, hairs ears, ect. did pretty well, I headed down to the second set of boulders first, tons of fish down that way, nymphed all the holes and did well. the second to last hole in that stretch I hooked up with a very nice brown and second or two later he was gone with my whole set up. I was having bad luck with my knots that morning due to the cold and my hands were pretty stiff. After tieing back up with the same set up, first cast back in to same hole she took it again and I was able to land her and snap a pic off before quickly releasing her. she took a size 12 caddis larva with black wire for ribbing. This fly catch about 50 percent of my fish this trip. As the sun was coming up the fish started to do the same. In that first deep run at the start of the second set of boulders there were prolly 150 fish raising to tiny bwo's , switched to that and had good success all the way back up to the park. Sunday morning we arrived to the stream later than sat and fished nymphs/globugs down to second boulder set and dries back up again did well. In the shallower water just up stream from the first set of boulders I noticed 5 or 6 browns and a few nice rainbows one of which was eating guts and a few of the browns were trying to get their share. I tied on a gut fly i tied on a size 6 hook and tied it like you would a clouser with the eyes and all....first cast i let it roll down the stream bed and wham and very nice male brown was ripping this thing to pieces, I set the hook and it was on. He dropped down stream very fast and after about 15 seconds he was off. After that did end up catching a couple nice rainbows on the same fly. Stream was very crowded on sunday, more than I would have thought even though it was a weekend.

Now for this monday to wed. Ol ladies parents bought a 32 foot rv and her dad wanted to get out so we made a trip down to the park. arrived monday around 430 and i was fishing by 5. only fished the first set of boulders due to it started to get dark pretty early these days but in the hour i caught 5 or 6 on olive birdsnest nymphs and globalls, hooked into a very nice 17in rainbow beautiful colors but egg popped out right before getting him in the net. tuesday morning got to the stream around 730 and belinded for second set of boulders . Did very well on nymphs early and tiny bwo's as the sun came up on the stream. fished the park the rest of the day which seemed to have about a tenth of the fish in it that blue ribbon area had. I have not fished the park the past four trips down usually just camp there and walk out of park or head to tan vat or baptist. anyway it was my duty to get some fish for the frier that night and so that what i did. wed morning got up a little later and head down to the first set of boulders were i fished size 20 and 22 bwos for about 3 hours and killed em. missed as many as i caught but i guess im a little rusty fishing dries. As I was walking park to the park I was stopped by two real cool guys for a minute they were asking me how i did and sharing their recent stories of the stream. Said they had fished from park to tan vat a few days earlier and also just killed them. We also talked about the crazy amount of browns out there right now and just plain the amount of fish that are holding in that stretch currently.....If u guys read this say hey.....anyway its been great to get the time to make it out there 5 days out of the past 11 and I loved every min of it......Ill post pics in a hour or so.....

Heres a nice brown and some scenery pics...ill post more when i get them from my buddy of have him post them.








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Great report. Care to share a picture of your caddis larva fly?

sure no problem give me a little bit and ill post the pic of it.....its a very easy pattern that seems to work great.


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