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Crappie Report, Friday, 29 October


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Put in at High Point and headed to last weeks haunts around the L6 area. Water temp was about 61, we were fishing with minnows. Had a hard time finding any significant numbers. We trolled for a few hours and only caught 1 nice crappie, and 1 small bass. We moved over to Turkey Creek arm thinking the water might be a little warmer (it wasn’t). Fished a few more hours there and ended up with 3 keepers. Granted were not great fishermen by any streach, but it was pretty slow, fished from 9am to 3pm and only caught 6 fish total. I’m thinking I will go to State Park area next week and check the deeper waters. Hope the rest of you did better then us, but is was still a nice day on the lake.

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Took a break from Table Rock and hit the Mutton Creek area yesterday from 2pm until 7pm. I threw a shallow crank and jerkbait almost all day and just fished wind blown pockets...pretty much caught everything that swims in the lake including largemouth, smallmouth, spots, whites, crappie, walleye, drum and even a carp. I kept 3 good walleye, 5 whites and a crappie for my buddy who likes to eat those. Caught a ton of bass with most of them being small but I did have 3 good blacks...had the boat in 10 feet or less entire trip.

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