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Trout Park C&r Season

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Well C&R season is just around the corner and I for one am looking forward to it. What can be exspected? Do they stock it for us or do we just get the leftovers?

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I don't know about all the parks, but here at R.R. they stock about 300 3-6 lb trout and several that are bigger and they

have always stocked about 2000 to get us started and usually they stock again in Jan. with a thousand or so.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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Like Tim said they stock right before the start of C/R and then again about halfway through. Bottom line there are plenty of fish and it is certaintly not as crowded. I would certaintly recommend it. If you can brave the cold you may have the entire stream to yourself on some days.

The parks open for C/R on Friday November 12th. Hours at Bennett, Montauk and RR are 8a-4p Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Meramac Spring Park is the exception as that park is open every day of starting November 12th.

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I've not done the C & R thing as yet....but most likely I will this season. Seems like a good way to work on some skills without running the chance of hooking or fowling someone close-by.


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its pretty nice/fun. I need to fish montauk this year, its nice having the whole/most of the stream all to yourself.

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