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Fishing Report

Jeremy Hunt

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Fishing report 7-01-06

Rim Shoals

Fishing at rim was really good these last couple of days. The water was dropping when we got there so I knew it must of pushed some fish downstream and Rim as a lot of good holding areas for trout to feed in so I knew fishing was going to be good. It was sunny and I was surprised how cool it was for the sun to be out. It made for a great day on the water and that was exactly what we got. We started around 9:30 in the morning and the water looked like it only had about a foot left for it to be at zero units. We first started fishing Jenkins creek with zebra midges in black with a gold or copper tungsten bead. I like to tie mine with a 7/64 bead on a size 14. I have found out for some reason they like them to be bigger verses smaller beaded ones. I believe there is some theory with the fact that they probably see the bead a lot further, which is going to increase your odds on how many fish see your fly from a distance. My dad and I would be fishing the same size fly and for some reason he was out fishing me because he was throwing the heavier bead. So it didn’t take me long to start doing the same thing.

We started catching fish right away. Although we were dealing with other boats in the same area so after catching a few trout we decided to head downstream and give it a try down there. It seem like the fish were biting everywhere we went. We did switch off and threw some olive wooly buggers in size 10 in the deeper pools as we went by them. We did all right throwing these, but the fly of choice was definitely the Zebra midge in black. It was consistent all day and it has been for the whole year. This is definitely a fly that you should have in your fly box everytime you fish Rim.

We did switch over and fish the fast riffles throwing the big dry that I always talk about. I was teaching a guy by the name of Mark how to fish this fly effectively because he always likes learning new things, especially when it comes to presentations. I figured out that fishing this fly on the swing and stripping it in like you do a wooly bugger you get just as many takes on the strip as you do fishing it as a dry on the top. When fishing this fly you will find out that you will have some aggressive takes and sometimes you will have some massive hits when you least expect it. If you have any questions give me a call or e-mail me because you definitely need to learn about this fly. I am going to be tying these for Phil Lilleys Fly Shop and if your local you can pick them up there. Here is a picture that I put up above that shows this pattern. Or you can go to this link www.ozarkanglers.com and you can learn how to tie it on your own.

Accept the drift.....<>>><


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