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Last Nights Fishing Report


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Got down they around 10pm to find out that the generation chart was WRONG again....

they said 4 unit till 11pm.. and a low 1 till 11:30/midnight...

*** It was off and falling fast***

as I was looking at the water to figure out where I wanted to start ..

A Truck was rolling over the hill.. Gary...

after a few minutes of chat ..

His Brother-in-law and Father-in-law was coming to..

George (the brother-in-law) and I head to the flats..

I handed him a Brown/Uv brown Hibernator (#6)....

I tied on the Black/Uv black Hibernator

Well Third fish George caught was this one....


26L X 15G...

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Congratulations George!

Leonard’s bugs rule don’t they?

The only good line is a tight line

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Gee Leonard....I'm jealous. I guess I should have stayed with you instead of handing George off to you. Dad and I went on down to the big hole Fri and Sat night. The bite was good while the water was falling Friday night but not so good after it fell out. Sat night not so hot either as the water was off most of the day.

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