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Cold Water Smallies


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Well, they say the water is low but I'm always a glutton for punishment. It's going to be a pretty weekend, so I've rounded up a group of friends and we're going to do an overnight from Spring Creek to Rush.

First question - bobber - is 2.5 sufficient water to do this float in two days now that we have a little less daylight? I'm told it's around 13 miles.

Second question - anyone know what the water temp is right now?

Third question - I don't think I have ever done a smallmouth float after halloween. What are the fish like right now? Is it a hair jig during most of the day with either a sammy or jerkbait during the heat of the day? The forecast looks really nice at the moment with sunny skies and warmer temperatures - lows above 40 and highs around 70. Pretty dang good weekend if I do say so myself. I think it will be the last float until spring, so I'd like to get a little more comfortable on the colder water.

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