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Catch And Release 11/22

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Sunday morning spent the early morning in Zone 3 caught about 1/2 dozen on the the "bennett white thread jig" then spent about 40 minutes trying to coax a big bow onto my line who was sitting in a pool. Threw everything I had at him. Midges, nymphs , scuds sow bugs, striped wooley buggers nothing he once moved his head and that was towards a "glow ball" . Moved on, the water seemd real low between the two bridges so I went to the Roach Hole just above the bridge of zone 2/3 . Upstream casts, dead drifted an olive scud near the bank and managed about 18- 20 fish, nothing of size . Nice day, overall real warm but at times real windy making it for me an exercise in retying. I being inexperenced had tippet tangles and leader issues around my indicator about once every hour or so.........

" I fish therefore I am"

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Sound like a a great day on the water. It is just fun catching a lot a fish too. As for tangles around your indicators goes, just slow down on your forward cast. the other factor of course is the wind. I tend to try and cast to hard and get a birds nest once in a while on my fly line.



Woo Hoo Fish On!!

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I fished Friday afternoon and most of Saturday. Weather was great except for off and on wind. I was surprised at the rather small crowd considering the warm weather.

Fishing was quite good although size was generally small. Caught about 50 or so mostly on a Bedspread jig in zone 2 between the outlet and the whistle bridge. Also got several in zone 3. Caught a few on a crackleback also.


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Terry Beeson and I fished Bennett today we fished up near the hatchery, didn't see hardly anybody

Fishing was very good I figured Terry and I caught well

over 60 trout this morning, I had a couple of nice 17-18"

trout and Terry caught a few nice trout, but most were10-12"

I caught most of mine on #20 and smaller egg patterns,

caught a few on zebra midges(20's) and a few on cream

colored San Juan worms.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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