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Theodosia Arm 11/20/2010


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Saturday I fish my first tournament in about 9 years! Took off out of Pontiac that morning. I decided to fish from Spring Creek to Theodosia. I thought the Kentuckies migh be up on the bluffs. To my surprise the largemouth were there and all shallow. Started out with gitzits and jigs and was getting several short blacks up shallow then caught a decent keeper. There was a little wind blowing on that bluff so I then went down it with a wiggle wart with a few more short blacks and 1 kentucky that was barely a keeper. Kept fishing the bluffs with nothing but short blacks. I then fished a creek channel swing with a wart and nailed a black that was over 3 lbs. Fished the wart in a few more places but no keepers. Went to Spring Creek and went back to the gitzit on the bluff pattern and caught a nice keeper smallmouth and my partner finally scored us a keeper kentucky.

Went to the weigh-in with our 5 going 10 lbs even which was good enough for 4th place. First and Second had over 14lbs with 6 keepers per boat. Third place had 6 keepers that went a little over 12 lbs.

I was rather pleased with this performance by us especially considering I just got back into fishing after a several year absence.I obviously have alot of rust to knock off but I hope to get back in the groove by Spring. I am not sure how the others were catching their fish except for one. Their outboard quit them and they fished the bluffs around Pontiac which was good enough for a 14 lb bag of fish.

The thing that surprises me the most is that the blacks are where the kentuckies otta be this time of year.

Water temps were around 60F with it being down to 56F above the bridge at Theodosia.

Happy, Fishing,


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