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Been a while since I've dropped by here. Have some work friends making a trip to Bullshoals at the end of the month, two of which have never trout fished. We're staying on the lake in a house boat but plan on getting into the park to fish a bit. I read on another thread that someone said the entire park is currently catch and release for all species of trout? I may have misunderstood their wording but that's what it looked like. I checked the guidebook and it seems to be worded that they have just extended the brown trout c&r to include all of the park instead of just the area below the dam. So, I guess my question is: are bows still ok to be kept? Hate for these guys to hook a few pan sized bows and not be able to throw them on the fire.



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During the brown trout spawn (November 1 through January 31), there is a seasonal catch and release section from the bottom of the Catch and Release area down to the wing wall at the State Park Boat Dock. The river in the State Park below this is unaffected.

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If rain does not pickup there will be a lot of other areas that will be wadable. Also dont forget the C&Rat Rim Shoals.

As for trout a #6 eagle claw crappie hook Carolina rigged 1/4 oxz sinker Power bait in Sunrise has done well for us.

Brown trout have been hitting 3 white Power bait eggs very well in the Wildcat shoals area.

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