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Late Fishing Report From 12-1-10


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I got out Wednesday and was able to find a few fish biting but I will start with my small complaint first.

I wish fisherman could launch their boats using a little common courtesy. That is DON'T PUT YOUR BOAT ON THE RAMP UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO BACK IT IN THE WATER!!! Maybe I am the only one that has encountered this and maybe not everyone knows this to be an unwritten rule but you don't block the ramp and then start loading gear out of your truck, take straps of the rear, put the plug in, etc WHILE ON THE RAMP!!! This should all be done at a distance from the ramp that doesn't block someone else from using it if they are ready before you are. I sort of expect this during the dog days of summer when there are plenty of pleasure boaters on the lake but when fall & winter hits I would hope that fishermen know this simple rule. I am sure the person I am referring to thought no one else would show up before he loaded his boat BUT I did, which is why you follow this simple unwritten rule. If anyone doesn't believe this is a rule why do they have places at the State Park launching area for loading and prepping your boat? Also, go south to Louisiana and try this and after you pick yourself up off the ground you probably won't forget the rule anytime soon.

On to a better topic. I was able to catch a total of 11 bass on Wednesday. I wish I could say I knew exactly what they wanted but it was kind of a trash fishing day for me. I caught them on jerk baits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and warts. I had several others hooked up on the jerk bait that pulled off and several looks at the spinnerbait that turned away at the last second. And I caught them in water from 2 feet to 25 feet. I was seeing water temps from 54-56 depending on location and time of day. The largest I had to hand was probably around 4lbs and I had several other nice keeper sized fish including a 17 inch smallie.

I almost forgot, I launched out of Aunts Creek and if the owner of a White Nitro 901 that was launching there around 9am reads this, I am referring to you when I wish everyone knew the "unwritten rule."

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I'm glad you mentioned Louisiana. Every time I have been down there fishing, when another boat comes by you in a channel, they will slow to an idle and not even cause a wake. I wish some of their courteous ways would come this far north. I don't know why, but it seems the farther north you go, the less courteous it is.

Thanks for the report.

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