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Water Quality And Treatment


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Hello, everyone.

I joined OA some years ago while in Springfield, and now I'm finishing up a MSD in Environmental Engineering in Rolla. Along with finishing my last semester I'm helping a professor apply his knowledge of water treatment systems to fix up small to medium size community wastewater treatment plants. Obviously, the quality of water being discharged from these systems has a direct effect on the health and quality of our fisheries. Maintaining our fisheries - rivers and streams - for the next generation is why I made the career change in the first place.

If anyone knows a community or resort that's having issues with their current plant, please don't hesitate to call or refer them.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Canter



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I know that Mountain Grove has tried to improve their waste water treatment facility but not sure how far they have come. I think much of that water makes it into the Springs that flow into many rivers add nutrient loads that cause unnatural algae blooms. Seems like the state ignores these problems as long as there is no E. Coli. It seems like they don't care as much about phosphates and other nutrients that you can't see or don't effect our health. I would love to see someone test water quality at spring outlets and see if nutrients could be traced to a point source. The NFoW experiences algae blooms in the summertime that (according to people who have been around for decades) did not occur in the past. I personally think it is nutrients in the spring water, but could be septic systems along the river as well, can't get the state to comment, they don't seem to think it is a problem. The algae doesn't hurt anything but aesthetics and being annoying on a hook, but I sure wish it would go away. Good to know someone is looking into this as these issues are one of the biggest threats to the unique rivers and streams in the Ozarks. Please give us a call at Sunburst Ranch (417-284-3443) if we can be of any assistance, or if you would like any water samples from the river or springs.


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