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Norfork Report


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Heading to Norfork this week. It looks like this page has been pretty slow but are there any reports on lake conditions, fishing reports or general info available, please?


Jigs on Main Lake Bluffs and channal swings.

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Thanks guys! I'll let you all know how I do.

Well guys it was a good day. 15.78# and won the little derby. Caught all of my fish, 12 keepers for me and 3 for my non-boater, on jigs in deep water points around Henderson south of the bridges. Caught a few small KY's on the wart and a couple good walleye but no keepers.

Thanks for all you help!

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Fished later in day from 3-31 through 4-3 too cold for one of our party to go out early, high 30's at night. We did not have one hit. Tried points with usual walleye rigs and trolled with down riggers aimed at sonar hits at 25 feet down to 35 feet. Ran large Lazy Ike's and Walleye Runners 50 to 75 feet behind cannon balls. Saw no bait fish on banks or evening surface swarms. Locals all said the early morning bite was good but shuts down at 7:30am. Most of lake had upper 50's surface temp. We ran from just up lake at Red Bank (one mile up ) and around 101 Boat Dock both of which had good clouding. Panther Bay and main lake is gin clear. Sundays's 40 mph winds will change things--80 plus temps.

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