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Report, July 5


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It was a beautiful late afternoon for a trip. Got there about 6:30 as the water was almost down, tied on a gilled zebra midge sz 18 and thought it was going to be the ticket for the fish. I got one good take and lost it. Didn't get another take on the zebra so I switched to an olive scud...nothing. Tied on an olive soft hackle and first bow was an 18 incher with spectacular colors. Using 7x Rio Fluro. Caught another on the soft hackle and then switched over to a small olive wooley with a red head. Caught a few more all good size and fiesty. Left the water a little after 9. Not alot of people tonight, and only saw one shuffler. Looked like everyone else was having a tough time with any numbers of fish, made me feel a little better :P


Glass Has Class

"from the laid back lane in the Arkansas Ozarks"

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