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report 7/5/06

Brian Sloss

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Took the drift boat out for a guide trip between Turner and Whitten with a couple of Springfield guys, Ted and Irv. Now Ted you may have seen on a previous thread with a 22.5 inch trout on a marabou jig. Though very experienced 11 Point anglers, they wanted to learn more about fly fishing and in particular, 11 Point fly fishing. Neither had done much fly fishing on the 11 Point and Ted was pretty new to fly fishing all together. The end result was good, both guys caught plenty of fish with a couple in the 15-16 inch range. MOATs, stoneflies, crawdads, sparrow nymphs, egg patterns, and a couple of other things caught fish. We also took a few on spinning gear using jigs and Ted's secret lure. We caught in the probably 13 or 14 on the fly with almost as many lost after being hoooked. They caught a similar number on spinning gear. The day was a pleasure and these guys really picked up on any fly fishing instruction quickly.




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