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White River Report


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Fished from 2 to 4:30 Monday afternoon. Fortunately not as cold as I expected....very little wind and sunny. Stayed on the main lake and tried the spoon, deep crank and jig but no luck. Switched to a stick bait and ended up with 5 shorts.

Went out again this afternoon for 4 hours. Again no takers on the spoon or jig and just a few shorts on the stick bait. Moved up the creeks and ended up with 3 keepers, all on the Wart. Best one a LM around 3lbs. Water temp was 44 to 45.

The only boat I saw was the Dept of Conservation barge. Talked to one of the guys. He said they will be sinking cover from the Kings to Eagle Rock over the next couple of weeks. Apparently there will be a meeting somewhere around SK in early Jan where folks can provide input. Not sure of the details or if it's even open to the public.

Happy Holidays!

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Great to see the hard working DOC folks putting the fish attractors down on the white. Would be interested to know exactly where and when they will update the site. Anyone know the exact locations or have a link?


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