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Visiting Fly Fisherman Looking For Folks To Fish With...

West Fork Jason

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...i'm visiting my folks here in Bella Vista until around the 10th of January and looking for some fellow fly fisherpeople to fish with while i'm here. My main pursuit back in northern Wisco is Musky on the fly, Lake Superior steelbows second, and spring river browns a distant third. I drug my Clacka with me down here, so anyone interested in sharing the oars with me would be great. Floated the beaver tail water the other day, and was pleasantly surprised with the river. Good scenery and some nice browns and a few bigger bows. Casted big junk to the banks with shooting head line, but the other fellow in boat with me wasn't the greatest stick in the world so it made it tough. I would really like to try Taneycomo with the drifter, so anyone in the area familiar with it interested please give me a shout! Thanks - J

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