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taneycomo fishing report

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Fishing Report Taneycomo -July 6th

Lately they have been running one or two units for about an hour starting at four in the afternoon. So I know from past experiences that this would be some great water to fish from a boat. So guess what I did. Yes, got the boat out and wanted to make sure that I was out there when the water started. I put in around 2pm and headed downstream while I waited for the water to come up. I wanted to fish lookout hole and really figure out the bite right there. I have been fishing out of the boat a lot lately and every time I go thru that stretch of water I always see big fish cruising. I started throwing the “Big Dry” to see if I could get any of there attention. I did catch some trout on it, but nothing of any size. That was the fist in a while that I did not pull anything over 20 inches. This fly has caught me more bigger trout then any other fly in my fly-fishing career. I have only been fishing this fly for about a year now and I am very satisfied with this pattern. I have used it in lakes for blue gill and floated the Kings River about a month ago and caught smallmouth bass like crazy.

Before I headed up to fish the high water bite. I wanted to fish a zebra midge because I knew the wind was creating some great chop on top of the water. I tied on a black one in a size 14 with a 7/64 tungsten bead. I know this is a big bead for that size of hook, but for some reason they like it better and I do to. I put it about 12 inches below the palsa. I made a cast to the chop and where I saw those fish cruising at lookout hole and with in a few seconds the indicator went down and I set the hook to an 18-inch rainbow on the first cast. It was definitely producing a lot of trout while we were fishing it.

When we saw the water rising we headed up stream to start fishing high water. I switch over to a San Jaun worm tied to 5x tippet. I was fishing about 6 feet from the indicator to the split shot. There was one unit running so I went up to the stairs where chute two is and started drifting until I would get to the boat ramp. I tried worm brown first with not much action so I went with a size 10, 3769tmc. The size chenille I was using was the standard chenille and not the micro. I was using this color called fl. Red. They seem to like it that color a lot better than the normal red. We notice immediate hook-ups on this so we fished this for about an hour until the turned the water off. We probably caught twenty trout, all rainbows. I decided to call it a day after that and go get some dinner. I would say the fishing conditions at Taney are good right now.


Accept the drift.....<>>><


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