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Field Test

Jeff Hearn

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I have now tested the new Greys 11' 3wt. The reason for posting here is I tested the Indie/Midge(frenchie) rod in BS State Park at Dew Eddy. I brought to hand a large number of fish on a size 18 French Midge including two Bows in the 18" range. used 5x and 6x FC tippet(Frog Hair)....It has some backbone but a very nice soft tip.......I am not sure that a fish can break 5x based on my observation......I would guess it as a medium flex and somewhat softer than the 10' 3wt.....I am loading a Loop Opti-Creek to try as my Sage 3200 did no balance the rod at all...It's a fine reel and works great on the 10'r but it's just too light....I have posted a picture of the setup prior to installing....See the picture included......I see an 11' 4wt in my future

Jeff Hearn

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Almost like a switch rod or maybe a spey rod?

Is it a two handed rod or does it have a normal grip?

I used to have a 10' medium light action spinning rod for steelhead fishing. Nice limber rod and the length absorbed a lot of the shock involved in fighting a fish.

There's a fine line between fishing and sitting there looking stupid.

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