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Anger management 7-13-06

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Beware the fat guy with the Orvis waders and the Fenwick hat. There were 3 of us with 3 kids under the age of 10 trying to get the kids interested in fishing. Remember the take a kid fishing credo round man? You had to fly fish right in the middle of us and then get stressed because the kids coulnd't reel in fast enough for you when you hooked a small rainbow creating a tangle. Remmber tubby that the kids were fishing the area first before you walked in on us. The next time you decide to use rough language around 2 girls and a boy under 10 because you had to game hog it I will be happy to show you new places on your body to hide your split bamboo fly rod.

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Funny you should mention, but I had a run in, with maybe, the same guy at Taneycomo two months ago. He walked right into the seam I was drifting a midge. Then he had the nerve to give me a GTH look for trying to hit him in the head with a #8 Wooly Bugger. Go figure. I know, two wrongs don't make a right, but he got the idea after the low flying UFO and a few indiscreet words.

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NOW THATS GOOD STUFF!!!!!! LoL !!!! >>>>>THERE IS JUST WAY TOOOOOO MANY OF THEM..... AND NOT ENOUGH OF US OUT THERE! >> we always use the ole' hey! look-out for that snake!!!!!!!! (trick!) doesn't help with rudeness but you keep'm looking over there shoulder, even helps if you jump or splash AND WALK AWAY FAST!! TRUST ME! IT WORKS YOU CAN CLEAR-OUT A HOLE BANK OF PEOPLE


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I really hate hearing that. When I was a kid with my dad down at Bennett once, i had a similar experience. My pop got sideways with the guy and it pretty much ruined me from going down there. That was along time ago and I have noticed that things have changed. My kids are pretty much grown now and I do everything I can to help other kids. I've given up my spot, given away lures etc. Just to watch the exitement. For me it's as much a spectator sport as anything.

Maybe this "tubby" guy needs an little attitude adjustment. I wouldn't have any problem at all signing a complaint against him for disorderly conduct (if they have that statute). Wouldn't that just make his day to have him hauled away to the Sheriff's office in cuffs. Heck I'll provide the cuffs, usually have a couple of pairs laying around. I have to deal with people like that at work on a daily basis. The last thing I want to do on the stream, in a place I refer to as "Heaven" is go to work!!

I think the best suggestion is the snake routine!!

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Have you tried "starin' 'em down?" If you give the rude fishermen this real pissed off look like "I'd kick you're a$$ if I wanted to wade out there and ruin the fishing" It's worked for me before.

What's worked for me at Bennett: Start fishing from the bank with small nymphs behind the guys who waded out an cut you off. They get pretty embarrassed when a kid that they cut off has a good limit fishing right behind their backs.

Main point: Don't let a couple of jerks ruin the experience of fishing.


WARNING!! Comments to be interpreted at own risk.

Time spent fishing is never wasted.

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