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1st time to Montauk


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I think I will run down to Montauk the first week of August. Never been there before. I mainly fish Bennett and the Niangua. I have a popup and would like to find a secluded shady area to camp. I usually use campground 5 at Bennett mainly for the first come/first serve thing.

I usually fly fish with Crackles, Griffiths, Renegades and drift scuds, etc.

Any suggestions?

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Scuds, pheasant tails, san juans, and hare's ears work extremely well in the riffles. Almost no one fishes them, but the fish are usually stacked along the current breaks. If you see a shadow that looks like a fish, cast to it, and it will usually bite. I can get 15 fish in about an hour this way.

Avoid the 1-3 pm fishing. You are better off to hang around and do nothing, like the fish. Get something to eat and maybe a nap.


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I would say glo-balls (I know it hurts some people, but they work)the crackleback and pale morning duns. Also, the flat water behind the lodge can be very good with the glo-balls or nymphs under an indicator around the downed trees in the morning. Good luck and leave some in there, I'll be down in October. I also have a PUP and stay on loop four. Site 423 is pretty good, but book early, its hard to get in.


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I checked out the on-line reservation thing. Doesn't look like the days I want to be there are available. I plan on arriveing on Sunday the 31st and leaving that next Sunday.

What are the chances I will get a first come-first serve spot on Sunday for the entire week? I know I will get one at Bennett but Montauk doesn't have as many.

What do you think?


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