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Fishing Report 7-22-06


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Fished the Eleven Point on Saturday from the launch at Mrytle, MO and floated down to Woody's campground near Dalton, AR. We had a pretty good day, we only caught about 12 smallmouth, but the average size was very good, around 13". We had one that went about 3 1/2 lbs and another near 2 1/2. These are the best fish that we have caught since we started fishing the river. Caught all fish on 1/4 oz. jig & pig. Water was a little stained and had a little bit of trash floating in the water from the recent rain. A fair number of canoes were out and there were several jet boats, but I never saw anyone else fishing. It was hard to pattern the fish, we caught some in deep eddies and some in swift shoal water. We probably caught 25-30 a few weeks back when the water was down a little bit, but they were not nearly as big as the fish we caught on this trip.

A good day to be on the river.

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