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Fishing Report


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Fishing was good Saturday. I landed about 30 fish, the majority taken on bead headed midges and scuds. Midges were P&P, copper dun, and rusty zebra. Scuds were green and olive. I picked up several more off the top with green holographic cracklebacks, pale morning dun cracklebacks, and foam beetles. Fished liked the cracklebacks when swinging them in current or stripping them very fast.

I only fished two different pools of water instead of fishing up and down the river as I usually do. Several fisherman would see your rod bent over and place themselves five feet away from you while there are many other options for places to fish. Several people were wading in the fly zone and using plastic worms in the fly zone. Other fisherman, including myself, mentioned that those activities were illegal. I emphasize to fisherman to please make an effort to know and abide by the local rules and etiquette if you are not familiar with them.

Water was flowing slow and weather was hot. Used 7X and all fish were caught approx 2 feet deep under the indicator. My friends also caught alot of fish with a variety of emergers, caddis, and scuds. My friend Greg caught one with a scud made of buffalo fur, Tatonka scud. Many of the fish we caught were attractive, no skinny fish. They had alot of large spots on them with alot of bright color, pinkish purple. It made me wonder if they were RR hatchery trout or imported. Most all fish caught were 13 inches long.

Next trip: Little Red River Arkansas. Report will follow.


Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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