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Jack's Guide Service Fishing Report June 8Th


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June 8, 2011 The bass have finished spawning and are feeding on main lake points to regain some body weight. Swimbaits, football jigs, big texas rigs, shaky heads are all working. Long extended points, spots that stick way out in the current are the ticket. Utilizing your fishfinders and mapping systems to locate key deep structure is key. Making long casts with braided line or fluorocarbon will significantly help you reach the fish and feel what's going on down deep. Another benefit of those lines are less stretch for better hook sets. Strong hook sets are needed and several of my customers this week have lost a few fish because of less than perfect hook sets. I really like this time of the year because average fisherman never find these spots. Most fisherman just fish along the bank chunking and winding. Many of these deeper spots are several casts away from shore. Another aspect is that these fish often times are schooling fish. Once you trigger one fish the rest can turn on and get active. Bottom contact and feel for your bait takes a little bit of concentration. Feel around for high spots, rock piles, brush, anything to hold fish and then slow down and make repeated casts to that little spot. Bigger rods and heavy line is encouraged to deliver the baits and slam home the hook into big bass. This pattern usually lasts until about the end of June. After that big bass become harder and harder to catch until the water temperature starts to drop in the fall.

Crappie have been fair on main lake docks with current. Weeding through several fish to bring back a mess of keepers. But at least we're still catching keepers, most people don't realize you can still catch crappie away from the spring and the fall. Current is our friend, learn how to use it to reach spots otherwise not reachable.

I just posted a bunch of recent pictures to show off some of our great catches. A few monster catfish, several great bass, and just people learning how to become a better fisherman. Water levels are normal, water clarity is normal, water temp is jumping up to almost 80. Most morning trips are already booked for June, evening trips are available. Any questions give me a call or email me jack@fishinglakeoftheozarks.com

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Thanks for posting such an in depth report! I've always noticed the great guides on the Table Rock forum posting extremely helpful reports but since we have a house on LOZ and I never fish Table Rock, I'm glad to see we have one of the top guides on LOZ posting great info hear as well! I hope you continue to share your knowledge and advice... It's much appreciated.

I actually saw you and a client pull into our cove on Memorial Day weekend. Hope the bite stays hot for you.




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Texas rigged lizards have been doing great for me. I have also been doing well with jig-and-pig, and spinnerbaits. Topwater plugs have also caught me a few bass in the evenings (I haven't done any fishing in the mornings). Overall, I would personally categorize the bass fishing as "excellent" right now.

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