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Pre-Father's Day/first Ever River Float

Jack Jones

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Given the time constraints, and the likelihood of it being uncrowded, I chose the Gasconade as my first ever float trip. I took along my step-daughter as a pre-Father's Day deal since she's headed to her biological father's house for six weeks this Friday :oh-noes: . Used Gasconade Hills as my outfitter and did the 6-mile float from Barlow Ford.

In short, we had a great time. It was quiet, peaceful, and no major issues. I brought my pole and used a Joe's short-striker ultra-light. Sadly, I forgot some split shot, so I could only cast so far, and get it down so deep. Either way, brought in a bunch of tiny pumpkins, a red-ear, and one nice size google-eye. The google-eye made me excited because I cast right in between some downed timber and actually watched him swim up and attack the hell out of it.

What a great time! When she gets back maybe we'll do more. In the meantime, I may simply go myself this summer and try for some smallies. It's a real mellow river and no people :yaeh-am-not-durnk:

"Thanks to Mother Mercy, Thanks to Brother Wine, Another night is over and we're walking down the line" - David Mallett

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