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Weekend Of June 18 And 19


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I've lost too many lures to the brush, so I tried to catch bass either on top or just underneath the surface. I caught several on a red fin (mainlike points), especially when the clouds would move in and had a few shorts on spinnerbaits in the wind. I did try pitching a jig for a little bit. I had a nice largemouth grab the jig as I was reeling it in to match another pitch. Unfortunately I could not get a good hookset on it and it came shooting out of the water right by the boat and spit the jig. A few pitches later I had another one bite the jig as I was reeling it in too, but it did not hook up at all. I know the bass were trying to tell me something, but I'm not quite sure what it was. Should I have tried swimming a jig? Is there a good way to battle a bass when you know you didn't get a good hookset?

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