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August 9, 2006 Stockton Lake Fishing Report

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August 9, 206 Stockton Lake Fishing Report

Walleye: The points and flats around Mutton Creek are a good place to start early morning and late afternoon (from 5:00 pm til dark). Crawler harnesses or Roadrunners trolled in about 20 feet are your best bet. Also, slow drift jig/crawler combinations in the same areas. After dark on the nights with the right moon are your best bet for bigger fish (3-5 lbs). Troll deep diving crank baits in the above areas and along the dam.

Crappie: Deep brush piles (20-30 feet) early, late and after dark are the best times for Crappie due to the heat. Try the mouth of Maze Creek with minnows and a crappie light. Turkey Creek and the timber in Son's Creek arm are also worth your effort. If your wife won't let you have a boat you can do well from the shore near the boat ramps in Greaser Creek cove or Hawker cove.

Largemouth bass; Sun up, sun down, and after dark are the best times during the hot summer. Top water action early and late in the Masters cove area along with Crabtree cove. After dark, I've been having good action with black or blue spinner baits. Look for humps or sharp drop offs on secondary points. Plastic worms are my choice for these areas, however jigs or creature baits work well too.

Channel cats: Take your kids to Hawker cove, Masters, Cedar Ridge or Mutton Creek cove and catch catfish. Early evening until midnight are the best times. Night crawlers, chicken livers, or stink baits are a sure thing. From shore or out of a boat you should catch fish.

Marty Thompson



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