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Bourbeuse River


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Made it out to the river yesterday. Put in at Reiker, went up river vice down. I use a 9.5 ft Sea Eagle raft with an Enduro 30 trolling moter, so going up river is not too much of a problem. Beautiful day, not too much activity, other than the 2 jet boats. Caught 5 10 inch smallies on a rebel craw (2") and a 2.5" Rapala X-Rap Glass Ghost. Couple of green sunfish and one really nice bluegill. The raft worked out great, until yesterday I had only used it a Port Hudson here in MO and small lakes in MN. The smallies were a lot of fun on the Ultra-Light with 4 lb. test. May take one with only 2 lb. next time.

Next trip I plan is to put in at Reiker and run up river and float back down, or put in at I-44 Access run back towards Union and then float down. Maybe I can put a dent in the Spot population, at least that is my goal :-).

I live near Union and had only been on the B a couple of times in a canoe, for clean stream and FFA floats with my daughter, when she was in HS a LONG time ago. So this was a treat and a blast.


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