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Beaver Report 12-12-05

Guest flyfishBDS

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Guest flyfishBDS

Beaver Tailwater: Sowbugs remain the fly of choice through much of the upper section of the tailwater. Though the midge hatches remain thick, sowbugs are thicker than fleas on a brown dog. Try gray sowbugs 12-18 or the sweet McLellan's Woven V-Rib sowbug.

Zebra midges (black, brown or red); Razorback Midges; Charlotte's Redneck Midge and other patterns have been working well. If you want to try dries then our Cream Midges, Adams Midges or the Adult Midge Light would be the fly of choice currently. Keep an eye on the natural's color, for the black midges try Befus' Adult Midge is another great pattern, or the Snowshow Midge Emerger, or Parasol Midge Emerger. If you don't fancy dry fly precision try swinging a soft hackle, Olive Submarine, Dark Olive Dun and Peacock and Patridge and in deeper or swifter sections try the new Fulton's Tungsten Wired Red butt.

Olive Woolly Buggers, and Egg patterns are performing well particularly in peach colors, Umpqua's superb low water Flashtail mini eggs, and the bead head Veiled Eggs for faster runs. We have also been able to finally get in some teeny size 18 Flashtail Eggs which should be gobbled up.

As the cold weather increases watch for more early morning water releases, particularly on weekdays. Generation has been starting in the evening on dusk . Call 417 336 5083 for a real time recorded message (after the Table Rock report) on water releases.

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