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Just a small heads up on these new rods. I was able to cast a few of them this spring and really liked the feel of the rods. I decided to order one and fish it to see how I liked it. I must say for the money it is a top notch rod. I bought the EHCO 2 rod in a 9' 4wgt. One of the thing's I liked so much about the rod besides it's casting ability was that it comes with 2 tips. Each giving the rod a different action. Either medium action or fast action. They are 4 piece rods and also come with a case and a good warranty. The cost is $269.00. I feel for the price it is a heck of a deal in a rod. These rods are being made by the Rajeff boy's and they own just about all of the casting records there are. I know Steve and I know that these rods are made to there spec's. They also have a ECHO rod that is a single tip for about $169.00 or so.

Just thought I would let you folks know about these new rods. I get nothing for this just giving y'll a heads up on a good rod. They have a web-site if you would like to look at them. Ron

PS: I should add that I liked my 9' 4wgt so much that I also got a 7'8" 3wgt 4 piece. It to is a nice casting rod. I have had a few medical problems in the last bit and have yet to fish it but I have cast it and it is sweet feeling. I wanted it for the spring creeks here. Believe it or not I wore out my last 4wgt and sold a 3wgt I never should have sold. (Client offered me to much money) LOL. Anyway Keep an eye out and try these rods. I think you will be pleased as a peach by the rod and it's price.

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michael has them or at least has one at backcountry

There are two types of people. Those who dream dreams and wish, then there are the do'ers. I am a do'er!

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