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Anyone been out lately? I am thinking of doing a little night fishing this weekend. Trying to decide if I want to go to the upper part of the lake or closer to the dam? I usually don't fish the lake much in the middle of summer but I am going to give it a shot this week....any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Top water worked really slow early in mornings near shore around structure or docks with shade or on points at entrances to coves. Also, a finnesse worm worked slow works well. Nothing bigger than 4-5" gets bites. Big worms get big fish but I prefer bites to figure out a pattern. A c-rig on points with finnesse plastics like a small craw or lizard works well too. Everyone is beating banks and back of pockets to escape boat traffic. Fish where no one else is but in places that could hold fish.

Need marine repair? Send our own forum friend "fishinwrench" a message. 

He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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