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Friday Night Fishing Report

Micheal Kyle

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All I have to say is thank God for 165, When we came through around 10:30 I could see the traffic was backed way up. There had to to be at least 30 cars on the ramp waiting to get on to 76.

When we got down there, there sat some friends Rick, Marcus, and a new comer Ben from Kirksville nice to meet you. We were able to sit and talk for a while, while the water fell. They turned it off around 10 so around midnight is when I thought the fishing would turn on. I knew that we were in trouble when they said the day time was slow and not just slow but real slow.

We started down by the big hole and right off the bat I caught a real nice chuncky Bow it filled my net which has a hoop of 18" and that was it for about 1 hour. I went through quite a few colors and ended up tying a Evil Leperchon mohair leech on. And started getting bit. We ended the night up by the cable at 2:30 had about 12 fish each. Not bad for actually only fishing for about 2 hours on a very bright night. I hope tonight will be better. I did have 4 Browns last night nothing of real size.


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Michael, I must have gotten in at the big hole right after you guys moved. I could hear you guys down stream. Sound travels real well down there.

I had pretty much the same kind of night. While I don't have any "Evil Leperchon," I did catch most of my fish on an olive mohair.

Things started off hot for about the first 45 min to an hour and then cooled off considerably. I ended up with six fish. All but one out of the big hole. 16" bow was the biggest.

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