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The Angler In The Environment

Tim Smith

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The Angler in the Environment: Social, Economic, Biological, and Ethical Dimensions T. Douglas Beard, Robert Arlinghaus, and Stephen G. Sutton, editors365 pages, Symposium 75Published by the American Fisheries SocietyPublication date: July 2011ISBN: 978-1-934874-24-0$79.00 list price, $55.30 AFS membersTo order: http://www.afsbooks.org/54075P SummaryBased on papers presented at the 5th World Recreational Fishing Conference,this timely book focuses on the interactions between recreational anglersand the aquatic environment. Among the many emerging issues covered in the book are the consequences of various fishing rights for sustainable recreational fisheries; partnership approaches among the recreational fishing industry, managers, and researchers for solving sustainability challenges; biological impacts of recreational fisheries; the ethics of the sport; and innovative survey methods for assessing recreational fisheries. This volume will appeal to anyone interested in recreational fisheriesmanagement and policy.
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